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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Use your imagination.....

Hi, I am Anna Ervin.  I am 11 years old and I am going to Uganda.  One of the things that is funny in life is our imagination.  I imagine things like the source of the Nile to be an amazing rock stairway that has coral all over it.  And it is in the middle of the ocean spouting out water into the Nile.  I imagine the city (Kampala) kind of like Mexico although it is Africa.  I imagine the people nice and lively. 

 The human mind is a funny thing.  It can turn a cound into a whole made up story.  Our eyes can play tricks on us.  Our imagination can burst out and twist around reality and turn it into something completely different.  The human mind is very complicated.  But I think we are figuring it out.

This opportunity is GREAT and the whole team is lucky.  Bless everyone and good luck.
     - love Anna Ervin

Blessings to our youngest team member -- this year -- and my college BFF's eldest daughter, Anna.  One more day!!!

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