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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Uganda....

Uganda, I can't wait to meet you.  I said these very words (insert Helen for Uganda) before I met my daughter from Ethiopia.  Now I cannot imagine living a breath without her.  I wonder if I will say the same for you.  It's not nearly the same, of course, but will we be intertwined forever once I step on your soil and embrace your people?  You are already delightfully tangled up in the tenderness of God's heart.  Will you be tangled in mine too?  We've prayed and fundraised, and now we wait, and in the waiting we think and pray some more.  I pray we will go in humility and grace and, most of all, love with abandon.  I pray we will be a delightful blessing to you.  I know you will change us forever.  Thankfully.

Team, I can't wait to meet you too! Wonder Woman Deb has amazingly put together a great group of people from all over the nation...well, world, really (welcome, Lynsay).  We are honored and excited to serve with you all!  Hang on to your hats, I feel like God (with the urging of Deb...He HEARS her!) has big plans for our time in Uganda.  And we are all going on the prayers and support of many, many people, on the wings of the sheer grace of God!  So amazing...and humbling.  I know that God will equip each of us with what we need for this trip as we move in concert -- one beautiful sound made from different instruments! -- to help, educate and bless those around us.  See you SOON!



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Uganda Bound said...

Simply beautifully said, Carissa. It is indeed humbling, and Anna and I are feeling immensely blessed to be included.