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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The primary mission of our trip will be to provide short-term medical services to people in Uganda.
We will set up make-shift clinics in Ssenge Village, Kampala's slums, and maybe, the islands near Jinja.

No, we aren't going to treat any "major" issues.
But what we can do is test and treat for malaria, provide de-worming tablets, treat fevers and infections, and provide hugs, loves and prayers.
And based on our last trip, that was MUCH appreciated.

We will partner with African Hearts -- a grass roots organization that runs, among other things, a school in Ssenge.  In October, we had the pleasure of seeing all of the school children.  It was a wonderful privilege we hope to have again.

Would you consider helping us get to Uganda to love on some people?

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