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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kick off

I'm so thrilled to announce that the ten of us are going to Uganda!  We are praying that our preferred dates of July 21 to August 2 will hold.  (The issue seems to be the good ol' Olympics in London....)
Pray with us, won't you?

On this page, you will see the names of the ten people taking this journey with us.
I believe God has put it on each person's heart to GO for a specific purpose.
But none of us really has an extra $2500 laying around..... much less $5000 in the case of multiple family members.
So we need your help to get us there.
At the bottom, there is a Chip-In where you can donate quickly and easily using Paypal.
Just note in the comment section who to credit with the donation.
If you don't like Paypal, you can give the money directly to the person you support and we'll add it to our totals.
REMEMBER:  none of us can go without the others.
That is, we cannot go without Tim and Lynsay, our medical professionals.
Ethan can't go without his mom, Carissa.
And Kathryn can't go without Danae and Ali (Lord knows....)  ;-)
You get the point.
So if you're so inclined, just make your donation to the trip and not a specific person.
All for One!

Check back on this site for exciting fundraisers and details about the trip.
And.... THANK YOU!!!

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