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Monday, February 13, 2012

First Fundraiser!!

It's time to kick off our first fundraiser for the trip to Uganda!
We are selling these bracelets in two varieties:
This one, which says "love with abandon" and another which will say "be the change".

Our team has adopted the slogan "Be the change you want to see in the world" as our trip slogan.  It's perfect.  Mahatma Gandhi said it.  It means that WE can be used, by God, to turn the tide and make a difference -- even if it's just for one person.
BE the change.

You can purchase one of these awesome bracelets for ten bucks which includes shipping.
I just got mine today and it is fantastic.
Quality.  Adjustable size (and stretchy).  Great saying.
Get yours by using the Paypal chip-in at the bottom of the blog and put in the notes which saying you want.
Here are the steps:
1.  Click on the Chip-in link, below.
2.  That will redirect you to Paypal.
3.  Sign in to Paypal (or create an account).
4.  Enter $10 for each bracelet you want.
5.  Once you are ready to purchase you will see a "notes to seller" section.
6.  Write in the notes "be the change" or "love with abandon" and the number of each.
7.  We'll send them to you as soon as we have them!
Can't wait!
Spread the love.

And watch for more Be the Change!

Number of Bracelets

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Kelly, Matt, Madeline and Bridget Ballinger said...

Good Luck Team Uganda! Praying for you all. xoxoxoxo

The Ballingers