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Friday, June 22, 2012

Special needs; special provision

By Danae Badman, 17 years old

Today was our team's free day in Uganda, so we all went ARVing along side the Nile River.  It was amazing.  We passed by so many little houses that families were living in.  As we passed by on the ATVs, most of the children would run out of their houses yelling, "sweeties!" which means they want candy.  Thankfully, we brought some sweeties to hand out.  There is no other feeling as when you hand a child who seriously has nothing (not even a shirt) a piece of candy or a toy.  The point is that the look on their faces is just priceless.

After the ATV trip was complete, we went to lunch, did a little shopping, then headed over to a special needs orphanage called Ekisa.  All the kids at this home were precious.  They all have their own history of how they got there; most of them can't speak fluently enough to tell the story, but that's why there is the leader of  the house.  I met one boy who loved to listen and sing Justin Bieber out loud.  I have most of his songs on my Ipod, so I went and listened and sang along with him.  He knew the lyrics better than I did!  He was the most precious little guy ever....

After I sang with mini Justin Bieber, a little girl came to sit on my lap.  She loved stickers and had them all over her adorable face.  She was five years old and couldn't walk yet.  After leaving the orphanage I felt a little more sad than I did when I first came.  Seeing all the children with those disabilities was rough, but the Lord has blessed them truly by allowing them to be at that wonderful home with those wonderful people.  I do believe that God has a future for all of them, and whatever that future is, He will use it for His glory alone.  After realizing that, my mood changed from sad to being so incredibly happy for the children who live there under that roof being loved and cared for.

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